Yogurt's Top Ten

Wholesome Food for Every Body

May Help Reduce Osteoporosis Risk

Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium which, when eat regularly, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Lactose Intolerant? Yogurt May Help

Studies show that yogurt can be eaten by many people who suffer lactose intolerance with other dairy products.

Immune Boon

Ongoing studies have shown live and active culture yogurt may enhance the immune systems of certain individuals.(1)

Combats Yeast Infections

Research suggests that regularly eating yogurt containing L. acidophilus may decrease yeast growth and infection in certain individuals.(3)

Colon Protection

Preliminary studies show increasing one's dietary intake of lowfat, calcium-rich dairy products such as yogurt may reduce the risk of colon cancer.(4)


It's a fact: calcium is an essential nutrient, and yogurt is an excellent source of calcium.


So protein-dense, yogurt is now considered a meat alternate by the United States Department of Agriculture in its school meals programs.(5)

Taste Kids & Parents Love

Yogurt is one food that gets the "thumbs up" from both parents and kids. It's a calcium-rich food that will help kids grow and start them on the road to good bone health in later life.


With 14 rotating flavors and over 50 toppings, there is always something new to try. Toppings ranging from fruit and nuts to novelty items make it easy to keep frozen yogurt a regular staple in your diet.  


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